Book Summary:

Still suspected of treason and under FBI surveillance, John Case is once again unwittingly enmeshed in the nefarious plans of evil mastermind Papa Go and Iranian intelligence agents.

Iran wants to consolidate power in the Middle East and destroy America. Papa Go seeks to exercise his right by lineage to control the Middle East and the Americas. Both believe an ancient artifact can help them achieve their quest for power. The key to finding the mystical object may be hidden in a notebook John Case’s eldest son stole from an Iranian operative two weeks earlier.

Now, someone is intent on getting the notebook from the Cases before they can turn it in to the FBI. When the Case boys go missing, John has one day to deliver the coveted coat of Nimrod and swear allegiance to Islam or else his sons may not survive.

Can John clear his name, rescue his sons and prevent Iran and Papa Go from unleashing the coat’s power on the world?

  • Book Genre: Action Adventure Thriller; Clean Read
  • Author: Brandan C. Hadlock
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