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Camp Sabbatical – Writing Again

Hello. Here I am again. Unfortunately, I have little to report in the way of writing. Last Monday, I took a small hiatus to D-Bar-A Scout Ranch outside of Detroit with my LDS Scout troop, returned on Saturday, and did no writing in the days between. Hard work was done there on earning merit badges, dumping a few of my fellows in the lake, frying fish, throwing knives, and eating as much overcooked camp food as possible. Perhaps it was for the best, perhaps not. In any case, it was a rather fun experience (my fourth year at camp), and I have done no writing in the past week. My running goals also suffered slightly, but I am back to my morning runs as well. I am, however, back once again with a (slightly delayed) blog post and am putting more scribbles to the page in my old project.

With regards to said project, I am making some progress as of today. Writing is a slow and sometimes agonizing process, but it can yield some rewards from time to time. Grit the teeth and get to work, and enjoy it while you’re at it. All in all, I count it a fruitful labor. With high hopes for the next week and a pressing need to get back to that labor, I must however now bid adieu.