Brandan C. Hadlock

Brandan Hadlock is a husband and father with a desire to defend truth and goodness. As a child, he dreamt of being a detective and did what any responsible young hero would do: he went to an assistant principal of … Read More

Christine Hadlock

Christine Hadlock is a composer, music teacher, and the creator of the educational music series Critter Crew with Melody Lou: Alphabet Songs (Building Blocks Press, 2008). She has taught music to elementary school children, helped them create their own 10-minute … Read More

Benjamin Burnett

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Joshua Burnett

Joshua Burnett is a young writer, runner, animator, and student attending Hillsdale Academy in Hillsdale, Michigan. He read Lord of the Rings in first grade and has been writing since elementary school. Hobbies include everything from violin and piano to … Read More


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